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21 African countries were to hold presidential and parliamentary elections this year. Some have postponed, some have held theirs already, and some like Tanzania are about to hold theirs. I want to take this time to stress the importance of VOTING, especially for my fellow Tanzanians who will vote on October 28— In the previous 2015 general election, only 15.5m out of 23.1m registered voters voted. Imagine what would have happened if everyone voted? This year, there are 29.1m registered voters. Imagine if we all turn out? If everyone voted, it would be impossible to rig. So, Go Vote.

Tanzanian Youths — Around 15m out of the 29m registered voters are youths between 18 and 35. It’s safe to say the future of Tanzania rests on your hands 🤚🏿🤚🏻. What future do you want? You have the power to create that by VOTING on October 28.

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Here are the other TEN reasons why you should vote:
1. Elections have consequences. Think of it this way, the people you choose get to lead you for five years.
2. Not voting is giving up your voice.
3. You pay taxes every day. Elected leaders decide how to spend them.
4. Nothing changes if you won’t vote.
5. Politicians decide about almost everything in your life. Even the air you breathe is politics.
6. It’s your right. Also, your patriotic duty.
7. You don’t live on Mars. You live in this country, and so will your kids.
8. If you won’t, stupid people will win and make important national decisions on your behalf.
9. Every vote counts. Ever heard of a tie? — Yeah, they do happen sometimes.
10. Voting is a privilege. Go use it. Stop sitting on power uselessly. Some people can’t vote, and they’re looking up to you to elect better leaders for them.

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