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21 African countries were to hold presidential and parliamentary elections this year. Some have postponed, some have held theirs already, and some like Tanzania are about to hold theirs. I want to take this time to stress the importance of VOTING, especially for my fellow Tanzanians who will vote on October 28— In the previous 2015 general election, only 15.5m out of 23.1m registered voters voted. Imagine what would have happened if everyone voted? This year, there are 29.1m registered voters. Imagine if we all turn out? If everyone voted, it would be impossible to rig. So, Go Vote.



Agriculture is a sector with the most potential to transform African economies. Even as leaders push for reforms, the sector is nowhere close to meet its desired potential. It is dispiriting to see a continent with about 60% of arable land be a net importer of food, and sadly the future does not inspire hope as come 2025, Africa’s food import bill is projected to grow to US$110 billion from the current US$35 billion per the African Development Bank data. …

A Woman Gazing at a Nelson Mandela Mural in Belfast

When I was young, along with my friends, we used to play a game where we would connect two used batteries with a wire and a small bulb and we would be ecstatic whenever the light bulb came on.

We also played another game where we would create small wind turbines out of coconut broomsticks ‘chelewa’ in Swahili and leaves, — and then we would run around to make our ‘turbines’ rotate. We enjoyed the games, with little sophistication at that age to understand the significance of their symbolism.

As we got older, we stopped playing those games, probably opting…

Snapshot from G.O.A.T Kendrick Lamar’s Alright Music Video

“Dear applicant, after careful consideration, we regret to inform you that you have not been selected for this position. We retain your candidate file in our database and may inform you of job openings that match your profile.”

That right there is the worst nightmare of any job applicant.

In August 2017, 56,000 people applied for the 400 available vacancies in an organization in Tanzania. That is 130 people applying for one job. With 800,000 job seekers entering the job market each year in Tanzania, no one is safe. And it’s even unimaginable to the rest of the youths who…

Illustration By Victor Ndula

Funny how whenever top artistes in Western countries announce ‘World Tours’ they somehow forget to include Africa in their ‘World Tour’ dates. Africa is normally forgotten in anything that has ‘global’ in it, whether it is ‘Global Economic Outlooks’ done by Financial Times or ‘Global Premiere’ of a Hollywood movie and even a ‘Global Launch’ of some platforms such as Spotify or Vevo.

It gets crazier in international affairs. Most western countries claim that they want ‘strong’ partnerships with Africa but the strength of those partnerships is usually testing. Most western nations call Africa ‘an important partner’ when it comes…

This is not a story of how I fell in love in Russia but it is a story of how I fell in love with Russia.

Before my trip to Russia (few weeks after the World Cup) I had to google “Racism in Russia” and I found out that there have not been any alarming racism incidences during the World Cup in Russia. That didn’t stop me from worrying on what will my experience be like in Russia as a young black person.

Among the many things I loved about Russia is the Dacha Life.

What does a Dacha looks like? I got you.

Photograph Courtesy of Osborne Macharia.

Once in my life I lived in the Temeke suburbs of Dar es Salaam. In the streets of Pile, where the majority of households are either middle income or poor and some very few rich in African standards. In this “normal” African neighborhood what happened everyday in the lives of the kids living there was astounding. Whether it was on a midday afternoon when the kids were going back home from school or in the evening when it was their playtime.

This is what kids in my neighborhood used to do.

Buy Local Packed Ice…

Nollywood is the best example of Africans consuming what we produce. Nollywood is the world’s second largest film industry. Thousands of films are released in a year in Nollywood.

And there are Nollywood movies that top Hollywood blockbusters in African cinemas.

If you’ve done a thoroughly research on Nollywood movies or if you’re a big fan of Nollywood movies then you will agree with me that the quality of Nollywood movies keep on getting better and better every single day, thanks to great filmmakers like Kunle Afolayan, Biyi Bandele, Mildred Okwo and many more. And films like The Wedding Party…

So far as the 21st century is concerned we’ve had conversations about pretty much everything. But still subjects like Mental Health have rarely been up for discussions in spite of Mental Illness being the second source of death and the fact that many of us are suffering from mental illnesses.

Why are we not having this conversation as much as possible?

There has been a lot of stigmatization, stereotypes and jokes tied up to mental illness. In different African countries when someone is diagnosed with mental illness then witchcraft is usually tried to be brought up in the picture. …

Kevin Mpapasingo

A Voodoo Child With Big Dreams.

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